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Number 9

  • Can you find number 9 anywhere in your house?
  • Can you find different ways to represent it? (Fingers, counting 9 objects from a larger group of objects, how about money?)


Communication and Language

Kim's Game

Choose a number of everyday objects - up to 8. With your child talk about the objects that you have collected. Place them under a blanket or large piece of fabric. Without showing your child, remove one object and then remove the blanket. Ask them "Which object is missing?". Repeat until you've hidden all objects.


If this is too simple add extra objects, too tricky remove some.



Can you hear the "s" sound in the story Stanley's Stick? Can you use alliteration (words which start with the same sound) to think of an object you might play with in the title of your own book? For example:


Laura's Log, Robert's Rock, Jenny's Jumper


Can you do this for your friends or family members?