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Fine motor


Choose one or two of the activities below.


Learn to use a new tool with the help of your parent. This could be something in the kitchen, garden or something used for arts, crafts or writing.


Practice carefully forming your numbers and letters.

Personal, social, emotional development


The possibility of returning to school in the next few weeks or further down the line might make us feel a range of emotions. We might be excited but we may also have some worries.


Have a look at the excitement rainbow and worry clouds below. Can you make your own excitement rainbow with worry clouds? Talk to your grown up about things you are excited about (you can add these to your rainbow) and anything you might be worried about (you can add these to you clouds) – talking about your worries with a grown-up might help them float away.

Understanding the world


Tomorrow we will be thinking about the habitat of your minibeast. Today, I would like you to think about your habitat!


Watch this video about habitats:

Talk to your grown up about your habitat.


Where is your habitat?

What have you got in your habitat that helps you live and grow?

Where to get your food and water and where do you store it?

Where do you sleep?

Expressive arts and design


Can you create a front cover for your minibeast fact file? You can use whatever resources and design you like but don’t forget to leave a space for your name so I know who the author is!



When you have read a story today, can you retell it to someone in your house?

Sing-a-long song of the day