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Fine Motor


Choose one or two of the fine motor activities below.

  • Threading - use string/pipe cleaners and beads/pasta/cut up straws. You could make a pattern using different colours (you could paint the pasta different colours and let is dry before threading it).
  • Cutting – ask a grown-up to draw different types of lines on a piece of paper: zig-zig, straight, curvy, wiggly. Can you cut on the lines?
  • Dough disco – use some play-doh to have a go at dough disco. We enjoy using this video
  • Pouring – with your grown-up, collect different sized containers and a jug. Fill the jug with water (and a little food colouring if you have it); can you pour a little bit of water into each container? Try not to spill any. You could add different coloured food colouring into the containers and see what happens when the colours mix.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Think of something kind to say to each person in your house. You could think about what you like about them, what they are good at or what they try very hard at.

Understanding the World


Have a look at some animals up close. You can view 3D animals up close using google search on a smart device.


Google an animal, for example, tiger. Just underneath the image search results and the Wikipedia description of the tiger, you'll be able to see a little box that says, "Meet a life-sized tiger up close". Click the ‘view in 3D’ button, then click ‘view in your space’ to see the tiger in your own surroundings. You’ll need to give Google access to your camera for it to be able to insert the tiger into your space.


If you don’t have access to a smart device, you could look at different pictures of animals.


What other animals can you find? Look closely at each animal you find and describe it e.g. tigers have sharp teeth. Why do you think each animal has those features? E.g. tigers have sharp teeth so they can catch and eat their prey.

Expressive Arts and Design


Choose an animal that you have enjoyed looking at and have a go at drawing it yourself. You could draw a cartoon or a real life version. You could colour it in using pencil crayons, felt-tips or paints. Try and use the right colours for each part of the animal.



Choose a challenge from the home learning challenges grid.



Don't forget to practice your own reading books every day. You can have a look on Bug Club to find more books in your book band.


Dance break of the day

If you don't want to have a go at this dance break, have a look at our other dance break videos on the top tips page, or choose your own. There are some helpful links on the online learning resources page.

Sing-a-long song of the day

Today's singalong song is linked to maths.