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Fine motor


Choose one or two of the activities below.


Visit the dough disco:

What can you make with your playdough by rolling, pinching and squashing?


Paint a picture using cotton buds instead of paint brushes. Can you make your own superhero?


Complete a jigsaw puzzle, the smaller the pieces the more challenging it will be.


Personal, social, emotional development


How do you think Supertato felt after he helped the veggies escape from Evil Pea? Can you help your grown-up today and see how is makes you feel?

Understanding the world


‘What Am I?’

Read the clues below. Can you guess what each vegetable is? You could do some research if you aren’t sure.

Scroll to the bottom to check your answers.

Expressive arts and design


Can you create your own handprint flying superhero?



Don’t forget to practice your own reading books every day. You can have a look on Bug Club to find more books in your book band.

Dance break of the day

Sing-a-long song of the day