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Can you cut your own black (or any colour) dots to make a dot picture? You will need to ask a grown up to help you with this bit. Have a think about things that have circles in them, use the pictures in the book for inspiration. What about a bus with wheels and peoples faces in the windows? Use your imagination to think of your own dot picture. Have a look around your house and perhaps use objects you found to help you.


How many dots did you use to make your picture - can you count the dots? Can you write the number? 




Communication and Language

Can you talk about your picture and describe it? Can you say what is happening in your picture and what you chose that design? 



Can you make a sentence for your picture like in the story Ten Black Dots, "ten black dots make the wheels on the bus"? Can you say your sentence? Maybe you could make other pictures and create your own black dots story.