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Today's learning is taken from BBC Bitesize. All of the learning, videos and activities can be found at



Today you'll practise your creative writing skills by taking part in the National Writing Day 24/7 writing challenge. Start by reading through the 24/7 challenge and the 'Learn' section.


Activity 1

Think about a day in your life which was really amazing. It might be a birthday or a day spent with a friend, for example.

Write down three things you remember about that day. Make sure you use capital letters and punctuation correctly.

Here is an example:
The sun was shining.
I ate a strawberry ice cream.
My friend Jay was pushing me on the swings.

Once you've written your sentences, write three words that describe how you felt that day.

For example: Happy, excited, calm.


Activity 2

Now you’re ready to take on the 24/7 challenge!

You’re going to use the ideas you came up with in Activity 1 to create your own brilliant short story!

For example:
One day, the sun was shining.
I ate a strawberry ice cream.
My friend Jay, push me on the swings and I felt happy.


  • Your story should only be 24 words long.

  • It should start with the words ‘One day’.

  • It should be written in 7 minutes. Set yourself a timer!

Top tip!

The most important thing is to have fun! This is about trying something new and enjoying writing creatively. Don’t worry if you make mistakes, just have a go!


Want to continue writing?

Now that you've completed the National Writing Day challenge, you could have a go at writing an even longer story.

Most longer stories have a beginning, a middle and an end.

  • In the beginning, you establish your setting and characters.
  • In the middle, you could add conflict and a problem to solve.
  • At the end there could be a dramatic rescue. The ending could be happy or sad.

Watch this video to find out more.




Today's focus is learning how to solve problems involving length and height. Start by reading through the 'Learn' section and watch the video.


Activity 1

This worksheet from Twinkl has three activities to help you practise solving problems with lengths. See if you can answer them all.

Activity 2

Practise with measurements

This worksheet from Collins has activities to help you practise solving problems with lengths. Try your best to answer them all.

Activity 3: Karate Cats

Play the measurements level of Karate Cats Maths - can you collect a cool new costume for your cats?


Wider curriculum (Science)

Today's focus is learning the basics of what sound is. Start by reading through the 'Learn' section and watching the videos.


Activity 1

Match the strings to the type of sound that they are making in the drag and drop interactive activity.


Activity 2

Watch the video as the children take a walk through the woods and listen out for the different sounds that they hear.

Go on a sound walk.

You can walk around the different rooms of your house or go outside.

Listen carefully - what different sounds can you hear?

Make a list of all the sounds you hear.


Activity 3

Fill in the gap using the correct word in the interactive activity.