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Literacy/Communication and Language

In the book Christopher Nibble, Christopher grows and eats dandelions.



Watch this dandelion time lapse video.


  • Can you go on a walk to find your own dandelions?
  • Where do you need to look?
  • What colour are they?
  • What do they smell like?
  • Can you find the yellow flowers and the dandelion clocks?
  • What happens when you blow the clocks?
  • As the seeds blow away, can you make a wish?
  • What do you think will happen when the seeds land on the ground?
  • What do they need to help them grow?



  • How many yellow dandelions did you find?
  • How many dandelion clocks did you find?
  • How many altogether?
  • Maybe you can ask a grown up for help and record your findings - marks on paper will be perfect!


Understanding the World/Fine Motor

In the story, Christopher walks up Daisy Chain Hill, can you find some daisies and make your own daisy chain? How many daisies do you need to make it long enough to fit around your neck?