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Numeracy - short multiplication. Copy and complete into your Numeracy book. Remember to multiply each digit by the 1 digit number and carry where required. Remember to multiply before you add any carries.

If you find this easy, or want to challenge yourself, create some of your own short multiplication questions, multiplying 5 or 6 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. 

Literacy - Copy and complete the table in your Literacy book, we have done something similar before. 


WALT: convert nouns and adjectives into verbs using suffixes



  • suffix = group of letters at the end of a word
  • apply spelling rules
  • re-write the word in the correct column adding the suffix





When you have finished, can you challenge yourself to add some of your own words to each column?

Topic - Who were the early law makers? Have a look through the power point and take some notes about crime and punishment during the Tudor times. Feel free to research more information using the internet or books.