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Friday 15th January

English Activity

Yesterday, we began researching information about rivers. In class, we asked the questions:

What is a river and how is it formed?

Where are the world's major rivers?

Which creatures live in or near rivers? 

Why do people live near to rivers?

How are rivers different from other bodies of water?

You may have similar questions. We decided to use these as subheadings for our nonchronological report. 

Choose a question to research. 

Remember when you are researching, only write down key words and ideas. Then you can use them to write your own paragraphs. You can use your research questions as subheadings.

Here are some useful weblinks you might enjoy.



Spanish 31: saying the months

Last half term, we learnt how to count to 39 in Spanish. This half term, we will begin by learning how to say the months of the year and recap on the days of the week.
When we've mastered these we can then take on the challenge of saying the the day, the date and the month. I wonder if you'll be able to say when your birthday is in Spanish!
In your home learning pack, look for the Spanish booklet. This contains a variety of Spanish activities for you to revise and to learn for the first time. Each week, after you have finished watching and practising the Spanish from the video(s), complete an activity from the booklet. You choose which one.

Spanish 30: saying the days of the week

Enabling children to say the days of the week in Spanish.