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Monday 18th January

Good morning, nice to have you here : ) 

On this page you will find all the work for today. Read the overview for each subject and follow any links or instructions that will help you to complete the different tasks. St Martin's is now using video lessons from Oak Academy for a lot of your learning. The teachers in the videos will tell you what you need in order to do the work.

Did you know you that once you've completed your work, you can send photos of it to the Year Four email address. We'd love to look at what you've achieved! 















Let's begin with our class assembly. On January 18th, we remember Doctor Martin Luther King and his dream of equal rights for everyone.

CLICK HERE to start the assembly.



MATHS: Multiplication

Recalling the 3 times table; products and multiples.

Have a pencil and paper ready- you'll find the worksheets in your pack.

Watch the video and pause when you need to. Follow the link below to access the video and the learning activities.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson.




ENGLISH: Non-chronological Reports

Last week we began to research the topic of 'Rivers'.  This week our English lessons will continue to look at the features of Non-chronological reports. For today's lesson you will need paper and a pencil. Follow the link below to begin the video lesson.

Make sure to pause when you need to.


Angler Fish - Non chronological report

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson.



Below is your weekly spelling list. The focus for this week is to remember 'Challenge' words. These are often trickier words that don't follow a spelling pattern or rule. Aim to practise the words throughout the week and test yourself regularly.

There is also a sheet for you to practise recognising spellings that are correct/incorrect.


 We know that you like to read and that if you were in school, you would read twice a day. To help you to keep that reading routine, we have provided a video link below to a Guided Reading lesson on 'Rushing Rivers'. You also have access to Bug Club for independent reading.

 Our class book for this term is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. It's a story about the unexpected arrival on Earth of a giant metal man. Who is he and what does he want from the humans who meet him?

CLICK HERE for a link to an animation based on the first chapter.



Video activity one: Identifying the features of the text

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson.



This half term, our Science topic is Electricity.  Last week, we looked at different energy sources. We thought about which types of energy a variety of common appliances/devices would use. Today you are going to focus on static electricity (What it is and how it can be generated). For the lesson you will need a coloured pencil, paper and a ruler.


What is static electricity?

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson.