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Tuesday 19th January

Good morning everyone : ) Thank you for joining us. As for yesterday's lessons, you will find them in order of the timetable that we will be following in class. Complete them as and when you can throughout the day. If you have any questions or feedback, don't forget to ask/say in our Google Meet. Check out the Brain Break Activities at the bottom of today's page. You can watch these whenever you like.

Hope you have a great day. Keep up the good work- we're proud of you all!










MATHS multiplication

4 times table through skip-counting.


CLICK HERE for today's lesson.

Have a pencil and paper ready - you'll find the worksheets in your pack.

ENGLISH: Non-chronological Reports

Today we’ll continue looking at non-chronological reports - sometimes called “non-chron” as we discovered in yesterday’s video. The focus for today is to investigate suffixes and how they change when written in the past or present tense.


Investigate suffixes: past and present tense using 'ed'

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 Remember, you have access to Bug Club for independent reading.



Answering questions on a non-fiction text

Today's lesson is in two parts.

CLICK HERE to begin Part 1 of the lesson.

CLICK HERE to begin Part 2 of the lesson.


 Below you will find a link to a P.E. lesson that allows you to use a pair of socks to help you develop your throwing and catching skills. Make sure you do the activities in order as they become progressively harder as the lesson goes on.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson.


Brain Break Activities

Today's brain break activity is to learn all about mindfulness and how you can use it to help yourself to be calm.

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Your Science lesson yesterday was all about static electricity. Here are a couple of videos about the subject that  you might enjoy :  )

CLICK HERE to discover how static electricity can move a sausage!

CLICK HERE to see some more static electricity experiments.