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Thursday 21st January

Thank you for joining us again :  ) and thank you for all your pictures of the work you've completed. You're doing a great job.

Today's work includes our work on multiplication, rivers and a new R.E. topic in which we learn about the significance of Jesus and why the events of Holy Week are so important to Christians.  

Have you had a go at the P.E. lesson from Tuesday's activities? Make sure you're giving yourself movement breaks and looking after yourselves. If you're struggling to concentrate on your work, try doing the most difficult one first. Everything else will seem easier after that! Hope to see you in our Google Meet. Also, our Home Learning packs are available to collect from the main entrance. These contain worksheets that support your online lessons.










MATHS: multiplication

Understanding multiplication can be completed in any order

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson

Watch the video and pause when you need to.

Have a pencil and paper ready - you'll find the worksheets in your pack.

ENGLISH: Non-chronological reports

In this lesson, we will develop and generate subject-specific vocabulary to use in a non-chronological report about Anglerfish. We will learn definitions and practise using vocabulary in sentences.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson


Remember, you have access to Bug Club for your independent reading.



In this lesson, we will analyse the text as a whole and complete an independent activity.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson


Our theme for Religious Education this term is : Why do some people think that Jesus is inspirational? (salvation, sacrifice?inspiration). Our key question for this lesson is :What happened in Holy Week? 

In this video, we see two children who have travelled back in time to see Jesus entering Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Imagine you were one of the children. How would you have felt to be there? What was the significance of the palm leaves and the donkey?

CLICK HERE to watch a video about Palm Sunday - the first event in Holy Week

When you've watched it, look at the attached sheets to find out about the first few events of Holy Week.

Brain Break Activities

CLICK HERE to see how to make your own paper palm leaf. You don't need hot glue. You could use a glue stick or sellotape to attach the stem.

CLICK HERE to learn how to use a plastic bag to make your own mini water cycle

CLICK HERE if you like to work with music in the background :  )