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Year 1

Have a lovely Summer Year One!!! I hope you have many amazing adventures and lots of fun in year two!! See you soon, Mrs Connell xxx

Have a lovely Summer Year One!!! I hope you have many amazing adventures and lots of fun in year two!! See you soon, Mrs Connell xxx 1



Welcome to Year One!


PE days are Tuesday and Thursday, if you haven't already, please could you send your child's PE kit in ready for our next lesson. Please may I also remind you that you should remove earrings on PE days and it really helps if PE kit and uniform is labelled with your child's name.


Reading bags should be sent into school daily to maximise our opportunities to read with the children. We will ensure that the children's books are changed weekly though this may not be on a set day. Please write in your child's reading journal every time you read - remember to support your child's progress we recommend that you read with them daily.


Thank you for your support,

Mrs Connell, Miss Chambers and Mrs Wiltshire

---------- Phonics Check ----------


In Year 1 the children work really hard to learn the sounds for the phonics check which is in June. During the check the children will be required to read 40 words. Some are real and some are alien words to check that they really know the sounds. Below are the sounds that your child should know by the end of year 1.


Phase 2 sound mat                                                 Phase 3 sound mat                                                 Phase 5 sound mat


To help your child there phonics websites and apps which have games on and other information about the check.

Phonics Bloom

Phonics Play

Mr Thorne does phonics

What if a Tiger came to tea?

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Our last learning question in year one is 'What if a Tiger came to tea?'. This topic includes writing lots of narrative and using our story telling skills. We have looked at European and a non-European countries to compare them. We explored what food the tiger might eat if he went for tea in India or France?
We have been tasting lots of foods and describing what they taste like.
This will build up to writing our own versions of the story based in different countries.

Summer One


In Summer one half term the children learning question is 'Why are there canals in Oldham?'

Related image


We are looking at two focus texts 'Leather shoe Charlie' and 'Barney the boat dog'.

Image result for leather shoe charlie Image result for barney the boat dog


Our learning journey


Both texts will encourage understanding on why the canals exist today as well as encouraging lots of creative writing, discussion, vocabulary and develop inference skills. 

In Geography we will be looking at different bodies of water such as stream, river, canal, lake etc. and learning if they are natural or man made. We will look at the canal waterways and how they join the four countries England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 


In Science we will be looking at seasonal change and plants. 

In Design Technology, we are going to think like engineers and create structures such as bridges than can hold a toy car. The children will need to select their materials and design their bridge prior to building it. They can then evaluate their design once it has been built. 

In Art, the children are creating lots of art using watercolours, chalk pastels and pencils. We are looking at the local artist Lowry and recreating some of his work from the 1800's. 

In History we are learning about Thomas Telford, a famous engineer, who started to build canals prior to the industrial revolution. We will look at the impact the canals had on the industrial revolution and what the industrial revolution was. 

We will go on a journey through time, from the canals being built in the 1700's to present day. Children will compare the lives of children in the Victorian times to life today.

In ICT we will be programming the BeeBots to travel along the waterways to different countries as well as creating our own simple games using Flobot.


As you can imagine this a lot of learning for our year one children so we do ask you do encourage as much home learning as possible. 


Thank you,


Year One Team




Pirate School


Year 1 found a treasure box in the Nursery outdoor area. There was a message saying that a captain was looking for some new pirates for his ship.


Since then we have been learning all about pirates and what it takes to be a captain or a pirate. The children have been using bossy instructions like a captain and they have also been using money to work out if they could afford their dream pirate outfit.


In History they have been learning about Blackbeard and in Geography they have been learning about compass directions.


Enjoying our lovely Christmas dinner

Pictures from our Nativity 'A Midwife Crisis'

Our lovely Christmas Crafternoon! Thank you for your support!

We all met Santa

We all met Santa 1
We all met Santa 2
We all met Santa 3
We all met Santa 4
We all met Santa 5
We all met Santa 6
We all met Santa 7
We all met Santa 8
We all met Santa 9
We all met Santa 10
We all met Santa 11
We all met Santa 12
We all met Santa 13
We all met Santa 14
We all met Santa 15
We all met Santa 16
We all met Santa 17
We all met Santa 18
We all met Santa 19
We all met Santa 20
We all met Santa 21
We all met Santa 22
We all met Santa 23
We all met Santa 24
We all met Santa 25
We all met Santa 26
We all met Santa 27
We all met Santa 28
We all met Santa 29
We all met Santa 30
We all met Santa 31
We all met Santa 32
We all met Santa 33
We all met Santa 34
We all met Santa 35
We all met Santa 36