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Year 2

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Spring term 2


Where would you prefer to live: England or Kenya?

This half term we have done a lot of learning all about life in Kenya. We started by asking lots of questions about the country of Kenya, and we have been recording our answers to some of the questions as we go along.


The main questions we have answered have been:

  • Where in the world is Kenya?
  • How is the climate in Kenya different to that in England?
  • Which animals would you find living in the wild in Kenya?
  • Do Kenyans live a healthier life than we do?
  • What would your school day be like if you lived in Kenya?
  • How can you recreate Kenya/ African art?


To record our learning about Kenya, we have been creating our very own individual books. They'll look great once they're finished!


Here you can see some great learning, as we scientifically tried to sort animals between those that we would find in the wild in England and those in the wild in Kenya. There were some British animals that tried to trick us!


Spring term 1


Why was it important for Nemo and Dory to find their way home?


Our visit to the sea life centre

As part of our learning this half term, we visited the Sea Life. It was a great opportunity to see lots of the sea creatures we have been learning about up close. The gigantic Japanese spiders crabs were a hit, as were the giant green sea turtles. What a treat it was when they swam over us as we walked through the tunnel!

This week we had a very special surprise waiting for us - a reply from Sir Ranulph Fiennes from the letters that we wrote to him last term. He had some answers to some of the questions we asked him and also some photos from some of his expeditions. How exciting!
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Picture 2
Picture 3

Under the sea day


We have had a fantastic day looking at life under the sea with lots of amazing costumes to help us feel like we were really under water! We looked at what our favourite under the sea creatures were, we researched some key facts about some of the animals and we learnt about some of the different habitats where they might live.



This half term we will be learning all about life under the sea. Our classroom has been transformed to look like it is under the sea. We found a special book in the treasure chest- Dougal's Deep Sea Diary! 




Autumn term 2

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Don't we look great in our Christmas t-shirts that we designed and made ourselves!

Year 2 Crafternoon


Thank to you all parents, carers and family for coming to our brilliant crafternoon! The children really enjoyed themselves and their t-shirts look fabulous! They will look great on our Christmas dinner day.

Why is the Great Fire of London still remembered?


As part of our learning this first week back we have looked at the poem The Magic Box by Kit Wright. We thought lots about what we would put into our own boxes, and we have created a shared class poem in a similar style. We hope you enjoy it!

Picture 1

As part of our learning about the Great Fire of London we had a special visit from the local fire brigade. We were able to ask them questions about their job and what life is like as a fire fighter. We then had a chance to look around the fire engine and find out about all the different equipment they use. What a great afternoon we had!

Autumn term 1


Our  first topic is all about famous explorers, and we will be answering the question:


Why were Christoper Columbus and Amy Johnson so brave?


We had a fabulous start to our topic with our 'Explorer day'. We looked at all the different things we would need to pack and take with us on an adventure, and completed our travel 'tickets' to the jungle! Mr Mulock taught us some orienteering skills, so that we could use maps to find different important places. We practised our sketching skills so that we could record interesting finds that we might make on an adventure, and we also had some fun learning some campfire songs!


As part of our topic on explorers, we have been learning about the modern day explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes. We have learnt about his life and his many exciting expeditions. As a class we wanted to support Sir Ranulph and we raised £31 through the sale of our 'polar cakes'.


Thank you very much to the parents and children for the kind donations. On the pictures below, you can see the message of support that we sent to Sir Ranulph Fiennes when we donated our money.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Key information for Year 2


Children are expected to bring their book bags into school every day. Please write a short comment in your child's reading record when you have read with them at home.


PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.


Homework and new spellings will be given out on a Friday. Completed homework will be due back into school the following Wednesday.

Class novels

We are currently enjoying reading George's Marvellous Medicine, another of Roald Dahl's wonderful and imaginative stories. We can't wait to find out what happens to George's grandma at the end of the story!



We have previously enjoyed reading these stories:

  • The Magic Finger - Roald Dahl
  • Esio Trot - Roald Dahl
  • Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape - Dermot O'Leary