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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

I hope you all had a great summer and are ready to learn lots this year.  This term we will be studying all about the Stone Age and how people used to live then. We are also going to learn all about how our bodies move and are protected along with how to keep ourselves healthy for a long and happy life.


Our main books this half term are The Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura and Little nose by John Grant. Both these books are fiction but are based in the Stone Age. We will also begin reading our class novel which is Paddington by Michael Bond.


I will also be setting homework which will be spelling, comprehension and maths and will be linked to your learning in class. Homework is set on Monday and Friday and is expected in on Friday and Monday.


Our PE this half term will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. It is advisable to bring PE kit in at the beginning of the half term and take it home for washing at the end of the half term.


Every week there will be a new landmark of the week that will appear here as well as in class. The landmarks are usually based on our history or geography topics. However, this half term are all famous landmarks in our capital city London.

If you have any queries you can email me at:

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 7. This week we're still in London and another famous landmark.......

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 6. This week we're staying in London and going to another really famous building - Vincent got that this is Trafalgar Square but what is the large column and statue?

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 5. This week you're looking at a very famous cathedral............Vincent recognised St Paul's Cathedral almost straight away!

Landmark of the Week, Autumn 1 week 5. This week is another very famous historic London landmark which I'm hoping will be a very easy one...........Thomas recognised Tower Bridge this week.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 4. This week you'll recognise this building but can you get the name right....... Think about last week's landmark. Vincent got this week's Westminster Palace which is commonly known as the Houses of Parliament.

Landmark of the week Autumn 1 Week 3. This week we have a very famous London landmark which is also very, very old and was built in 960 AD. Lots of royal marriages and some burials have taken place here. Unfortunately, nobody got this week's landmark so I'll have to tell you ..... It's Westminster Abbey where sixteen royal weddings have taken place along with being the burial site of over 3300 people including 16 monarchs, and 8 Prime Ministers.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 2. This week is a very important and very old building built by one of our French kings and is a place where many royals had their heads' chopped off! Vincent correctly identified the Tower of London built by William the Conqueror in 1066.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 week 1. This is a very famous person's house which was immediately recognised by Thomas as Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives.