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Landmark of the Week Spring 2 Week 4. Another building that was created in the Greek style. This one is VERY old and was originally a temple to many Gods but not in Ancient Greece.........Owen correctly identified The Pantheon in Rome which was built in 126 AD so is nearly 2000 years old!

Landmark of the Week Spring 2 Week 3. I've tried to make it a bit easier this week and chosen a building that has many features of an Ancient Greek building but is a lot closer to home.........Nobody got this week's landmark again it was of course the Bank of England in London based on an Ancient Greek idea with columns and the triangular front.

Landmark of the Week Spring 2 Week 2. I've given you a difficult one this week so here's an extra easy clue - this is a temple of one of the Greek Gods..........This one was hard and so nobody got the Temple of Apollo in Delphi an area in Ancient Greece.

Landmark of the Week Spring 2 Week 1. we're starting off this half term with an ancient building that is linked to our Ancient Greece topic - easy........... Darragh correctly identified the Parthenon in Athens.

Landmark of the Week Spring 1 Week 6. This is another volcano that is very active and you should know it....... Of course this is Mount Etna in Sicily and it was Ezmae that realised.

Landmark of the Week Spring 1 Week 5. This is an iconic dormant volcano in the African continent, you just need to work out which country........ Thomas realised this was Tanzania but Ezmae found out it is Kilimanjaro the highest stand alone volcano in Africa.

Landmark of the Week Spring 1 Week 4. This is an extinct volcano in Scotland.........

Landmark of the Week Spring 1 Week 2. This landmark is directly linked to our geography topic and has been mentioned during lessons and is somewhere I've always wanted to go........Summer got Mount Etna is Sicily this week - one of the most active volcanoes in Europe.

Landmark of the Week Spring 1 Week 1. This week is a building some of you may have seen as it's not too far away ..........Thomas recognised Conwy Castle straight away!

Landmark of the Week Autumn 2 Week 5. This fairy tale castle in Bavaria was the inspiration behind the Disney castle......... Summer got this one this week after asking Miss Chambers, who's been there - and it was Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 2 Week 4. Everyone should hopefully recognise this week's landmark.......Oliver again correctly identified Maiden Castle an Iron Age hill fort in Dorset.

We have been looking at Stone Age cave paintings in history and have created our own for display.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 2 Week 3. This week's landmark is linked to our Stone Age topic as it is thought to date back the the early Iron Age.................Thomas got the Uffington White Horse this week.

Landmark of the week Autumn 2 Week 1. This week's building is linked to another I used a couple of weeks ago - let's see who remembers......... Thomas finally recognised Westminster Abbey after a couple of clues.

In our art week for this half term we have been studying the art of Andy Goldsworthy who uses the natural environment for his inspiration and materials. We used similar techniques to create our own natural art.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 7. This is an iconic building that was totally destroyed in the Great Fire in 1666. It was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and building began in 1675. So, easy then.........It was, as predicted very easy and Darragh got this straight away.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 6. A very recognisable building this week, but can you give me its proper name? Finally after 2 weeks with great clues form Ezmae ( the Houses of Parliament) Braydon came up with the correct answer which is The Palace of Westminster.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 5. One of our most famous national monuments which is in London again this week commemorates a famous battle and admiral.......Braydon correctly identified Trafalgar Square in London this week but needed a bit of help with Admiral Nelson on the top of the column.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 4. Hopefully this is a bit easier this week so I'm hoping someone gets this quite quickly .......... Oliver got Tower Bridge straight away.

Welcome back after a long summer, I hope you're all feeling rested and ready to begin your learning journey in Year 3. We are starting the year learning how to shine in the juniors by working hard and being kind to each other. You will learn about the world in my landmarks of the week and how to use the iPads to quiz on all the books you have read to make you confident and happy readers.


Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday so you'll need to remember your PE kit on the first week back so it's ready for your first PE lesson in the second week. It is useful if you leave your PE kit in school until the end of term so it's always there ready.


Information for Parents/Carers


Homework will be sent out twice a week on Monday and Friday. The spellings given out on Monday should be learned over the week ready for a test every Friday and these will need handing in. On Friday it will either be a reading comprehension exercise or maths and should be handed in on the following Monday. Reading should be around 10 - 15 minutes every evening with an adult.


Reading books will be changed regularly after children have completed a short online quiz in school related to their book of choice. 


Every week I will be setting a challenge for children to try to identify a well known landmark with family points being  awarded for the person who gives me the name and location of the landmark - I usually find adults can be useful sources of information for this.



I hope you enjoy your first term in Year 3 and look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.


Ms Edwards


Landmarks of the week will appear here every week with a clue to where and what it might be. Your job is to work out what it is then be the first person to tell me to earn the 10 family points on offer - good luck.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 3. This is one of the Queen's houses out in the countryside...... Nobody got Windsor Castle this week so we'll try again next week.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 2. This is another London landmark with a violent past...... Mason correctly identified the Tower of London which was built after the Norman invasion of 1066 by William the Conqueror and was used extensively as a prison over the last 1000 years.

Landmark of the Week Autumn 1 Week 1. A nice easy one to start with so I'm hoping someone recognises this quite quickly..... Oliver realised this was Buckingham Palace when he discovered this was a London landmark.

I have added some links to a few maths games and topic links for you to try - why not have a go and see which ones you like?