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Year 4

Summer One

Year Four you have made a brilliant start to the Summer Term. It has been great to see what enthusiastic students you are and how you are becoming more responsible for your own learning. Your descriptive writing based on Escape From Pompeii has been really enjoyable to read. Our Science lessons on sound are proving that you can investigate ideas and test out predictions. In our class discussions you are showing that you can respect one another's opinions.

We hope that in this last term in Year Four you will continue to develop skills to study each subject well. We also want you to learn to become the best version of yourself, to see yourself as a learner and to always strive to improve. Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together : )


Here's the overview of work for this half term:

Science: Sound- How is sound made, how does it travel and what can it travel through? (Physics unit)

Geography: Earthquakes and Volcanoes-what causes them to happen and where are they most active around the world?

R.E. : What can we learn from religions about temptation, right and wrong?

P.E. : Gymnastics -with Mrs Dutson (Tues)  Rounders -with Mr Mulock (Thurs)

Maths: finding tenths and hundredths, calculating with fractions

P.S.H.E. : Relationships- How can we learn about ourselves in relation to others?

Spanish : Knowing the names for people in my family

Computing: Programming Turtle LOGO

D&T: Mechanical Posters


Our class novel...

Spring Two

Welcome back everyone! It's been a busy start to this new half term. You have been really enthusiastic about our new topics and I know we're going to learn a lot together. We had a great visit to the Castleshaw Centre last week. Have a look at the photographs below showing some of the fun activities we took part in. 

Over the next few weeks we will be studying the following:

Science - Living in environments (Biology unit)

History - The Normans 

R.E.  - Why do Christians call the day Jesus died 'Good Friday'?

P.E. -Dodgeball

English - Adventure stories  

        - Newspaper reports

Maths - division 

        - measuring area

P.S.H.E. - Healthy Me

Spanish- The weather

Computing- writing for different audiences


          Our new class novel...         



We loved learning about Rivers in Geography last half term. Remember that even if we are no longer studying a topic in class, that does not stop you from learning about it in your own time. If you would like to test your knowledge of a river system, why not challenge yourself to make a model of one. Here is a link to the brilliant 3D Geography website if you need ideas:

3dgeography river models link


Here are some images of completed models:


Models of a river system

The Castleshaw Centre

We really enjoyed our visit to The Castleshaw Centre last week. We were able to bring to life our previous topic on Rivers! We went to find a source of the River Mersey, saw a tributary feeding into a stream and watched how waters merge in a confluence. The best bit was being able to walk along a stream. It was very mucky, very cold and very good fun : )

We loved learning about animals that lived in the landscape around the centre such as badgers and rabbits and, later on in the day, searching for minibeasts in a stream. It really made us interested in our new Science topic Living in Environments. We realised there is such a lot to learn about the world around us.

The Castleshaw Centre -2nd March 2022

January 2022

Best wishes to you all! :  )  We have lots of new and fascinating topics to study this half term. Here is a brief overview of what we will be studying:

Science: This half term our Science topic has a physics focus. We will be finding out about electricity how it is generated and stored. We'll also learn how to create electrical circuits and what the relevant symbols are which represent the components used. We'll discover which everyday materials are good/bad conductors and insulators and why we need them. 

Geography: Rivers and the Water Cycle - where does water come from and go to? In this topic, we will learn new vocabulary to describe the Water Cycle and will learn how the sky, the oceans and the land are linked together in this process.

English: non-chronological reports about the features of rivers and where they are located around the world.

Maths: we are continuing to work on rapid recall of multiplication and division facts and applying them in context. 

In Times Tables Rock Stars we are focusing on the x3,x4 and x8 times tables.

P.E. will remain on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This half term our theme is Tennis. We  will be learning how to volley a ball using a forehand or backhand stroke and how to perform sequences of movements by linking our skills.

Keep logging onto Bug Club, Times Tables Rock Stars and Purple Mash to keep up with your homework, regular reading, spelling and multiplication practice. If you are unable to be in school and you are well enough to study, please log into Purple Mash. There you will find work that has been set for you that links with what we are studying in class.


Class Novel:

 This half term, you will be hearing Journey to The River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. Set in the 1900s, it is a story about a curious and intelligent girl named Maia who was orphaned at a young age. She spends all her time at a girls' boarding school paid for by her parents' trust fund. She believes that she has no blood relatives left , until one day she receives a surprising invitation from unknown family members. They want her to come and live with them in Brazil, near to the Amazon rainforest. Maia is excited and imagines the place to be a wonderland. Her schoolmates predict it will be full of unknown dangers. What will Maia's experience turn out to be?...

Here is a reminder of the learning we did in 2021:

Below are some pictures showing the fantastic bread baking that we did in Design and Technology. We found out that there are hundreds of different types of bread from all over the world and that people have baked and eaten bread for thousands of years! If you enjoyed making and eating it, here are some more bread-related links you might like:

How To Make Bread

Bread In A Bag

How to Make 2,000 Year Old Bread


We also learned about solids, liquids and gases in Science. Our History focus was The Stuarts and how The Gunpowder Plot was part of their story. In English we learned how to write persuasively using emotive words and exaggeration. Do you remember your fabulous firework adverts?




The Great Bread Bake Off

September 2021


Welcome to the Year Four class page. We hope to keep you up to date with all of our learning, successes and projects. After our first full week of studying, we are now fully engaged with our new topics and we are excited about all of the new information that we will acquire by the end of the half term, the term and the year.

Here is a brief overview of our topics for the half term:



Our History topic for this half term is 'Why were the Romans so powerful?'. We have looked at the spread of the Roman Empire and have begun to think about why the Romans invaded other countries and what they wanted from them.

Here are some video links that might enhance your child's enjoyment of this topic:

 What did the Romans do for us?

The Roman Empire and its effect on Britain

Soldiers in Roman Britain

A Roman legionary's armour and equipment

Boudica and the Roman invasion