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Year 4

September 2021


Welcome to the Year Four class page. We hope to keep you up to date with all of our learning, successes and projects. After our first full week of studying, we are now fully engaged with our new topics and we are excited about all of the new information that we will acquire by the end of the half term, the term and the year.

Here is a brief overview of our topics for the half term:



Our History topic for this half term is 'Why were the Romans so powerful?'. We have looked at the spread of the Roman Empire and have begun to think about why the Romans invaded other countries and what they wanted from them.

Here are some video links that might enhance your child's enjoyment of this topic:

 What did the Romans do for us?

The Roman Empire and its effect on Britain

Soldiers in Roman Britain

A Roman legionary's armour and equipment

Boudica and the Roman invasion