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Welcome to Year 5's class page


Hello and welcome to Year 5's class page smiley


In Year 5, our current priorities for Summer are:


Topic (History & Geography): What's so special about the USA?


Science - Properties & Changes of Materials


Spanish - say 11 colours in Spanish


PSHE (Jigsaw) - Changing me


Computing - creating a dream bedroom using the internet 


If you would like to know more about what we are learning about in Literacy and Numeracy, ask your child about our current focus and writing genre. 




Happy 4th July 


To celebrate our learning 'What's so special about the USA?' we decided to celebrate the 4th of July as they would in America. All children remembered to wear something red, white & blue to represent the American flag. Throughout the day, the children enjoyed creating their own hats and decorations for the classroom, locating the 50 states on a map using an atlas, code breaking and creating firework images using chalk. We all had a fantastic day.


Thank you to those parents who sent food in for the children to enjoy on the day and a special thank you to Mr & Mrs Mercer for creating the flag toothpicks, making a sandwich for each child, providing a drink for each child and much more. 

Anglo Saxons


In order to introduce our Topic - Anglo Saxons, we had a WOW day with Yellow Brick Road.

We all enjoyed the day thoroughly and learnt so much about who the Anglo Saxons were and why they are important part of British history. 

Yellow Brick Road - Anglo Saxons

Important dates:


28th November 2018 - Class Assembly - We can't wait to share all our WW2 learning with you :)


29th November 2018 - School Trip - Stockport Air Raid Shelter



Below are some helpful links linked to our topic with some interesting facts.


What will you discover?